Driver of the Month: September 2018- Harvey (Eli) Romero

Harvey (EIi) Romero in  Truck# 2835 was nominated by our Asset Manager, Dee Howard.  

Eli took the time to fill out his pre/post trip inspections on the oversize load he had.  I received 5 trailer inspections. 

  1. His pre-trip inspection
  2. His oversized load inspections were documented on 4 stops.  He also had the escort verify and initial the inspection form as well.

 His load was from Indianapolis, IN to Temple, TX.
This is what ALL drivers are required to do, even if they are not on a permitted load.  This is a requirement for Buchanan.  It ensures for us and the customer that the trailer was picked up or dropped in good condition.  Without these inspections, there is no way of knowing if a driver or a customer damaged a trailer in their possession.  When this is not documented, Buchanan has to pay for the repairs if nothing was noted on the inspection form or not filling one out at all.  In doing this, we have been able to charge the repairs back to the customer when they have caused the damages.