Operations Breakdown by Position


There seems to be a mystery about operations and who does what in operations. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a little insight into operations and how things work. Within operations, there are several positions: Order Entry, Customer Service Representatives, Driver Managers, Planners and Managers. 

The following gives a brief; (and definitely incomplete), list of their duties but at least it gives you some of the basics, so you have a better understanding of how operations works.

Order Entry – The order entry staff enter loads received by our customers into our McLeod load management software and manages the information within these loads. This includes, updating customer websites with load status and pickup and delivery times; communicating with customers when there are delays or issues with the loads and working with billing to ensure that paperwork is submitted promptly so that drivers can be paid on time and Buchanan can also get paid in a timely manner.

Customer Service Representatives – The CSR’s support our customers plain and simple. They are the primary communication point between Buchanan and our customers. They work with the customers when there are issues, evaluate rates, obtain more business from them and overall handle anything that the customer throws our way.

Driver Manager - Driver Managers are the primary link between the planners and the drivers. Their job is to manage the drivers; (NOT MICROMANAGE) but to manage. Their job is to ensure that the drivers are moving when they need to so that they can meet pickup and delivery times and so that the driver’s hours are managed effectively; and work with the drives to ensure that items like pay, vacation, home time, etc. are coordinated to the right people. It is extremely important that the drivers and driver manager work together to effectively and as a team. This is the only way we can be effective as a company.

Planners - Planners are responsible for load planning and oversight of their respective fleet. They plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of the Buchanan fleet. The planners and driver managers work closely with each other to ensure that drivers time and hours are maximized so that Buchanan and the drivers revenue is maximized; and that driver requirements such as home time and vacation time is coordinated and supported to the best of our ability.

Operations Management – Operations management include the fleet managers, and directors of operation. These positions are tasked with managing the respective fleets within Buchanan. All the office personnel report to these positions and they are responsible for the revenue generated by their fleet, the maintenance costs that their fleet incur, driver retention and the overall management of their fleet.

We all take our jobs very seriously and each person no matter what department they work in is a vital part of the team that makes Buchanan successful.