Buchanan Logistics Website

Combining the power of Buchanan’s resources with our over 9000 asset-based carrier partnerships, our logistics team will develop a non-biased, comprehensive “Managed Logistics Solution” specific to your transportation needs.

Buchanan Managed Logistics - 3PL

Our seasoned 3PL management team will perform a thorough evaluation of your shipment data, develop a reliable, cost effective solution, and carefully manage your freight to ensure you continuously receive measurable value.

Depending upon the scale and scope of the partnership, Buchanan will locate management and operational personnel at or near a primary facility of your choice, providing readily accessible support to your logistics leadership teams.

By way of GPS technology, our execution team will provide real-time, proactive status updates of your shipment activity; monitored directly through our TMS (Transportation Management System), or through a connected interface with your system platform.

As other companies divest away their trucking assets, we are confident the best logistics solution is from a company with experienced transportation and third-party professionals working hard every day to deliver value for their customers. That company is Buchanan.

Buchanan Logistics Website