At Buchanan, one of our favorite things to do is welcoming a new college graduate into the family and introducing them to the world of trucking. Often times, this industry is overlooked as a career choice. Geary Buchanan always says, "this industry gets in your blood," and it's true - for many at Buchanan - and beyond, what was thought to have been a 'job for now' has turned into a lifetime career. 

Many do not realize just how lucrative a career in trucking can be. For those willing to work hard, there is tremendous opportunity for advancement and significant financial gain. Additionally, transportation needs exist in every state in America. For a well-networked individual, relocation is always an option. 

Buchanan meeting

Geary & Becky Buchanan meet with a group of college students to discuss the trucking industry and all that it can offer to new college graduates. 

As a recent, or soon-to-be, college grad -- why should you choose Buchanan  over one of our competitors? 

First and foremost, Buchanan began as a family company and has remained a family company through tremendous growth. Our employees become family and we love and appreciate each and every one of them. Owners, Geary & Becky Buchanan, find great joy in seeing the Buchanan team grow & prosper - at work and in their personal life as well. 

Secondly, Geary drove for 24 years before he started the company. He has a heart for drivers and their way of life and that appreciation is reflected in every level of the company. Our drivers are truly our greatest asset and we treat them as such. Because of this, drivers come and stay at Buchanan. 

Buchanan wants you to grow, love and stay in this industry. Our training programs prepare you for success. Buchanan offers an endless list of opportunities and, with offices in Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Orlando & Houston -- we are able to work with our team members should life call them into a new location.   

Many of our competitors require their employees to sign a non-compete agreement. While the verbiage varies in each document, many restrict employment, in any capacity, within the industry following a separation. At Buchanan, we understand there are a variety of reasons we may be separating and because we want you to grow, love and stay in this industry -- we do not prevent you from working in trucking. Instead, our agreement allows you to work in the industry but not call on our customers and drivers after your time with Buchanan. 

We value networking. Buchanan belongs to several professional industry organizations. We realize that within the transportation industry as a whole, there are many niche industries. We excel in certain niches and work alongside our counterparts as they excel in theirs. Beyond transportation organizations, we support our employees as they belong to their specific professional organizations. We know Buchanan is better because our employees are well-networked.

Lastly, we are a company that values our faith, our family and our work -- in that order. 

Please, visit our careers page and join our Talent Pipeline. Allow us the pleasure of getting to know you. We would love to introduce you to the world of trucking.