Buchanan began as a family business, and it has remained a family business even as it’s grown.

There are still company cookouts on Friday afternoons in the summer.  There’s not a lot of red tape: If you’ve done a good job, Geary Buchanan or one of the managers might stop by your desk with a surprise gift card or take you out to lunch.

In fact, Geary and Becky Buchanan are still very much the heart of this company. They’re readily available to any of their team, whether it be logistics, drivers, dispatch, safety … anyone.

They truly care about their employees. “I’ve always said Geary would give you the shirt off his back, even if he didn’t have one,” says Kimberly Brown, Office Manager, who was the second person to work at Buchanan after Geary. “I honestly couldn’t imagine working for anybody else.”

The diverse nature of the transportation industry is part of the appeal at Buchanan as well. “This industry really kind of gets in your blood,” Kimberly says. “You do the same thing all day every day, but it’s never the same thing twice. In this industry, you’re learning something new every day. You just thrive on it. There’s always some wrinkle somewhere that makes each thing different.”

Thanks to the hard work of Geary and his team as well as tremendous growth in the industry, Buchanan is growing rapidly. This creates many opportunities for employees to find their niche here—to move around, and to move up.

“We’re very open to new ways of doing things,” says Phil Gray, Vice President of IT. “You can make whatever career you want at Buchanan if you work and listen and learn.”