Buchanan Shout Outs December 2022

December 2022 Shout Outs:

Leigha Walker: "You handle phone calls like a champ! I love the way you handle all kinds of calls and are always so professional and quick helping people. Its impressive!"

Erik Russell: "Erik "The Hammer" Russell is one of a kind. He's like a father to many of us on the floor and we appreciate everything he has done to help Buchanan blast into the stratosphere."

Reagan Bemisderfer: "Reagan is consistently learning new things and always gets the job done. She presents herself with kindness and professionalism and always makes others smile. She has an impressive work ethic, and stays after work often to get a firm grasp on everything.  You do a great job and it is recognized, keep up the good work!"

Brokerage Admin: "A lot of changes with setting up/updating carriers. Everyone in admin has embraced this and really done an excellent job with the changes. Kudos to all of the folks in Brokerage Admin."

Shelly Conrad: "Shelly always comes into work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, no task is too much for her to handle and we should all feel blessed to be in her presence."

Richard Harper: "I can not thank Richard enough for his assistance in helping me move loads. He goes above and beyond. Communication is awesome good or bad.  Thank you Richard for your help. Looking forward to 2023..."

Andrea Hensler and Sydney Hamilton: "Thanks for all you do with helping our loads and paperwork set-up. Your patience and kindness is not unnoticed. Yall are a huge part of the wheel that makes Buchanan spin smoothly."

Mike Rivas: "Like a guiding light through a storm, Rivas will show you the way. With a can-do attitude and an allergy to failure Mike is certainly who you want on your side."

Brooke Sidwell: "Brooke is so helpful and patient with all employees. I appreciate all the work she has put in with the change in insurance."

Jen VanFleet & Wes Davidson: "Thank you both for helping keep our local Indy drivers busy. Myself and these drivers appreciate the opportunity to plan and run the freight your customers have to offer!"

Andrea Hensler: "Andrea is always so friendly and helpful.  I appreciate all of her help as she explains things thoroughly and is such an asset to the company."

Aaron Hattier: "Thank you, Aaron, for going out of your way and helping the billing team get the paperwork we need. You go above and beyond for all of us, and we appreciate everything that you do! The Billing Team appreciates you!"

Thank you to all for your hard work and dedication to Buchanan Hauling & Rigging's success. We appreciate each and every one of you!