Buchanan Driver Scorecard


The purpose of the Driver Scorecard program is to celebrate, and reward monetarily, a job well done. All Buchanan Drivers (Company, LP & OO) are eligible for this program. Monthly reports are provided to Driver Managers to be reviewed with Drivers. Drivers can earn $100/month through the Driver Scorecard program; this is paid out mid-December. (Drivers MUST be employed and working at the time of bonus distribution.)

Bonus Amount per Monthly Point Accumulation

(Monthly)PointsBonus Amount

(On the 1st of every month, every driver begins with a fresh 1000 points.)

 Point System

Earning PointsLosing Points
Attend Driver TrainingsNot using Qualcomm
Attend Safety MeetingsHigh Idle
TenurePreventable Accident/Cargo Claim
Clean InspectionsService Failure
Omnitracs UsageViolations (Inspection, Traffic, Unsafe)
Mobile Communication UsageNeglect (Equipment, HOS)

 Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Sherry Collins, Phil Gray or Scotty Hepler.