September Update from Geary & Becky

As tomorrow brings the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US, we will all remember the day - where we were when we heard the news and the feelings we had as the news unraveled. The passage below crossed my inbox in a forward recently. We often scan things like this quickly, press delete and get back to work. This one caught my attention as we hope it will you, too.  

18 years ago tonight, thousands of people in this country went to bed with their loved ones for the last time. Some were excited, looking forward to the trip they’d be taking in the morning. Others were perhaps dreading the usual commute to work. How many of them were rushed the following morning? How many didn’t make time to kiss their kids or their spouses? They mumbled a quick goodbye and headed out the door…not knowing it would be the last time they’d see their loved ones.

~Jim Cobb

We carry so much resentment, are always pushing for the next milestone or our own agenda and rushing with the best of them. Tonight, stop and take a look around – at your family, your neighbors and colleagues and your life and be thankful. Let them know you appreciate and love them – as 2,977 never had the chance to on the evening of 9/11/01.

We know we have many veterans here at Buchanan – a special thank you to you for your service. Most of us do not know the sting tomorrow brings you but we recognize it. We appreciate you, your service and the service of all the military – past and present.

May God Bless all of you & the USA.