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Driver of the Month: May 2018- Mitch Volkers

Why did you choose to become a truck driver? I love money.
How long have you been driving truck? 7 years
Why be do like Flatbed instead of van? I like tying stuff down.
Do you have any hobbies? Motorcycles
Do you have any future or goals? No idea, maybe get a degree in engineering.
Where is your favorite place to drive? Why? Florida – never snows, it is nice year-round for motorcycling... plus drinks with umbrellas.
What places do you not like to driver? Why? East Coast – Traffic, people, snow 
What do you like best about your job? Making money
What makes you successful in this industry? I focus on making money and people that help me do that.  

Mitch had scheduled himself for some vacation time and I was unaware of it when I asked him to help with with the event Touch a Truck. Not only did he volunteer to help, he never even mentioned to me he was planning on taking some down time. He is always willing to help out. The Friday before the event, he got back into town earl and spent a chunk of his
afternoon helping another driver with securement. The morning of, a driver needed some equipment and without hesitation he tried to help him as well. Mitch is a team player and that deserve to be rewarded. -Nicole Cherry- Recruiting

Mitch is young but one of our most reliable. He is quickly becoming our go to guy. Starting off on Vans and now hauling big stuff in our open deck division, we know he will go far. -Michael Beiswanger, Driver Recruiter

Mitch has learned so much and come so far. He is a safe driver that we do not have to worry about having issues with.         -Loree Kemp, Safety