SmartRecorders Eliminate "He Said, She Said" of Accidents

As we move toward equipping our trucks with SmartRecorders, we've received varied feedback. At Buchanan, safety has always been our number one priority. SmartRecorders allow us take that one step further.

Dash cams allow us to ensure safety in two ways: 

  1. SmartRecorders protect our drivers from wrongful accusations. This video from CDL Life provides a perfect example. 
  2. SmartRecorders protect those we share the road with. SmartRecorders will allow us to see if we have an unsafe driver in our fleet and corrective action will be taken. 

SmartRecorders are not intended to be a monitoring system for our drivers. They canNOT be remotely activated -- but are ONLY activated by excessive G-force changes (sudden acceleration), speeding, erratic movement and/or the manual button.

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found here. Our Safety & Operations personnel can answer any additional questions you may have regarding our SmartDrive program.