Employee of the Month: May 2018- Eleanor Weaver

Ellie is an amazing person!! She will drop what she is doing to help anyone with anything. She has helped me so
much since I got out to the shop. She is always there with an encouraging word or to help when things get too
crazy. If it wasn’t for Ellie, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. She is one of the reasons we can keep our shops running
smoothly 😊 - Paige Hepler

She comes to work and does what she is told most of the time… I agree she does a great job. she handles all my
phone calls and takes care of all my parts and helps all the other shops with getting their parts in the system. She also
handles most of the break downs that come in down here. She tries her best to help with some of the work load, so I
can focus on other task. - Denny Brown