Employee of the Month: April 2018- Bryan Shuler

From the time Bryan was first interviewed, we knew we had a special person. He loves Buchanan and says nothing but good things about the Company, the Department and his Team.

He is always willing to help with any situation brought to him. He is eager to help anyone and is excited when someone else does well. He progresses monthly and we expect more great things from Bryan for years to come!

Congrats Bryan, keep up the good work - Michele Topp

Bryan is a hard worker, one of my best friends, a good guy, cares about others and he is always willing to help people-Trevor Love

Bryan is a hard worker, probably one of the hardest workers on the floor. Willingly works on hard loads whether being asked or volunteering. Always covers for me and helps others in my absence. I can’t think of anything bad about him -Cory Sokolowski