June Update from Geary & Becky

Summer has (finally) arrived, the Cubs are back on the television and everyone is enjoying the great outdoors. Becky & I thoroughly enjoy having our kids and 15 grandchildren at the house during the summer. There are big kids driving power wheels, adults in golf carts, young kids on the swings and many in the pool. Becky is a great swimmer and juggles a dozen kids in the pool at once with ease. I cannot swim to save my life and require four noodles to stay afloat. Thankfully, Becky has been able to teach most of the grandkids to be confident swimmers. 

Because they're good swimmers, it's easy to grab a drink, start checking email and get talking while the kids are splashing and enjoying their cousins. Having that many kids in and around the pool though can still be nerve wracking. It takes diligence, on the part of every adult present, to make certain we know which kids are in the pool area, manage where they're jumping in, etc. 

This same diligence is required by each of us in our every day lives as we do our repeated, daily tasks. Whether it's making a call or texting while driving, leaving a store in the dark and not taking note of your surroundings, skipping church or prayer time,  ignoring your annual health checkup or not using your seat belt to drive a short distance - these tasks, and many more, require diligence. 

Often, diligence is renewed at the start of the new year. New Year's resolutions are often forgotten by Valentine's Day. Being June, Becky & I ask you to consider areas  in which your diligence has perhaps slipped. Have you had your checkup for the year? Perhaps the disabled seat belt alarm in your car needs readdressed. Should you dig the hands-free device out of the car counsel? 

The workplace is another area we need to remain diligent. Entering correct load details in McLeod, wearing PPE on every job site, following up on quotes, measuring every load before the truck moves, ensuring you're being a good neighbor to those around you -- the list goes on and on. We all start to slip on these things and often need a reminder to be mindful again.

Today, we challenge you to identify three areas that require diligence, in your personal and work life, and be more mindful. 

Continue doing what you're doing. Freight is soft but will pick up soon. We continue to bring in new accounts and remain diligent in great customer service, appreciating our drivers and recognizing new opportunities. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to make Buchanan what is is today. We appreciate you. 

God Bless, 
Geary & Becky