Worship Through Giving

A note about worship through giving from Geary & Becky Buchanan - 

In 2005, Buchanan donated transportation for more than 20 relief loads of supplies to the area impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Initially committing to one load as a small company and agreeing to more and more as the United Methodist Church in the area continued to collect supplies for those in need. Truthfully, no one knew that the number of loads (& costs associated with hauling them) were nearing a concerning point in terms of financing the donation. No one knew of the challenge the company was in, God unquestionably blessed us for the sacrifice we'd made. 

We recently received a thank you note from a dear friend of Geary's, Butch Weston. Butch is very active with the local Lions Club in Northwest Indiana and the tremendous work that is done for the blind in Southern Mexico. 

For more than 20 years, Buchanan has provided transportation for the supplies Butch, along with many others, takes to these desolate, poor areas and provides glasses to those with little to no health or vision care. As we've been able to donate this, God has continued to bless us with abundant growth and dedicated drivers and team members.  

We encourage you, too, to give; even if it's scary. We serve a good and loving God, your generosity will not only bless the recipient, but you, too.  

It's easy to take much for granted, take a moment today and appreciate your many blessings. Too often, our greatest blessings are overlooked.

- Geary & Becky Buchanan