Buchanan Storage solves all your storage needs.

Daily Storage for equipment, cranes, trailers and the like while a project is underway.

Drivers on vacation? Or do you have a project coming soon and equipment / supplies are starting to arrive? Weekly Storage eliminates the concern of theft, damage or disruption. 

Monthly Storage is the option preferred by contractors coming to work in or around our yard locations for a period of time. 

Long-term Storage is a great option for locals needing to store an RV, boat, trailer, etc. 

Transporting oversized equipmentWe understand the challenges you face transporting and storing cooling towers, vessels, tanks and the like; we've been in your shoes. Let us come alongside you as you navigate the days, weeks and months ahead.

Have a unique need? We are in the business of solving problems and rarely have to say no. Give us a call today. 

Buchanan Storage is just one service areas of Buchanan Hauling & Rigging, Inc. Buchanan is a full service transportation and logistics provider servicing North America. Contact Buchanan with any logistics need you have, large or small. 

Contact Buchanan today - 260-471-1877.