DIY Facemasks

Many states and/or specific counties are requiring face masks upon entry. Given the great demand for masks at this time, below are Do It Yourself (DIY) instructions for several types of masks made from a t-shirt, bandana or scarf. 

Bandana to Face Mask Process

  • Fold top down to halfway point.
  • Fold bottom up to halfway point.
  • Turn Bandana over.
  • Fold top down to halfway point.
  • Fold bottom up to halfway point.
  • Put rubber bands or hair ties on either end – bands or ties should be 1/4 of way in toward the middle on both ends.
  • Fold ends toward middle (depends on face size desired).
  • Use bands to go over your ears.

 Notes: Instant face mask that can be washed as often as desired. The multiple layers act as a filter to capture any impurities.

 Another version:

  1. Place the scarf or handkerchief face down on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the top half down to the mid-line of the scarf, then fold the bottom half up to the mid-line.
  3. Flip it over so that the seam faces down.
  4. Fold the new top half down to the mid-line, and the bottom half up.
  5. Flip it over again so that the seam faces up.
  6. Loop a hair tie over each end of the folded rectangle.
  7. Fold the free sides of the rectangle in toward the middle, layering one side over the other.
  8. Flip it over! Loop the elastics over each ear to wear, making sure the mask covers your mouth and nose.

Many videos and tutorials can be found on You Tube. 

Be safe.