Motivated Morgan VanTilburg

Morgan is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is also a great listener when a coworker needs someone to talk to. Morgan is the type of person that can navigate perfectly between business and pleasure. She is a fun person to be around, but when it comes to work, she is all business! Morgan is an overall great presence to have around the office!

She has done a fantastic job growing and developing new brokers. She has created a system for broker development that, in return, has produced very successful Carrier Sales Representatives. She has embraced her position from the start and it continues to show as time goes on. 

Morgan always has a positive attitude. She was my first supervisor at Buchanan. She has taught me so much an never made me feel stupid when asking questions. She is a great teacher and always supportive whenever her help is needed. She is so kind and understanding that you just can't say enough about how great she is.

Morgan is one of the most positive people I have met. She brings light into the Fort Wayne Logistics building.